girls are getting too good at make up. too good. you’re gonna go home with a girl one night and you wake up while she’s in the shower, and a parakeet walks out of the bathroom and you’re like what the fuck

Fix You

You may not say her name but i hear it every time you speak. It hurts that i can’t have your whole heart and i have to share it with the girl who broke it in the first place. It’s sad that i have to pick up the pieces but I can’t completely fix you because you still allow her to have that final piece.

I love you but I cannot overlook that fact.

I won’t try to fix you, you have to fix yourself. I deserve better than half a heart or half a person. I need to have all of you and I won’t settle for any less.

Then when you’re finally ready, when you can give your whole heart to me, I’ll be here. I’ll still be waiting.

That is how much i love you.